Callware Technologies announces release of Callegra.UC 1.13

Callware Technologies announced a new release of its award-winning product Callegra.UC. Callegra.UC 1.13 for Windows 2000 and 2003 is available to purchase through both domestic and international resellers.

Callegra.UC 1.13 is a state of the art Web Services unified communications system, leveraging Microsoft Windows 2003, Microsoft SQL 2000, and Microsoft .NET, with an Enterprise-level distributed architecture and a 1,000,000 User database. You can enable the Callegra.UC 1.13 services in a distributed architecture on a single server, across an n-tier number of servers at a single site, or across an entire Enterprise. You can customize and equip Callegra.UC 1.13 with the following features:

  • Voicemail & Auto Attendant with 4 to n-tier voice ports.
  • CallegraFAX inbound and outbound fax services.
  • CallegraVOICE speech enabled auto attendant & directory.
  • CallegraADMIN local and remote administration
  • Client-side interfaces, include:
    • CallegraINBOX for Microsoft Outlook and CallegraINBOX for Novell GroupWise
    • CallegraWEB for Microsoft Internet Explorer
    • CallegraPORTAL solution for Microsoft Outlook

The various solutions bring visual voicemail and CallegraFAX into MS Outlook and Novell GroupWise for a centralized user interface for all email, voicemail and fax messaging. CallegraWEB brings advanced visual voicemail and CallegraFAX into a zero footprint Internet Explorer interface allowing Users to create or play messages on the fly via the telephone or using the PC-embedded multimedia capabilities

The CallegraPORTAL solution for Microsoft Outlook enables users to their voice and fax messages within Outlook without installing additional client software because the messages are displayed via web portal within the application.

The Callegra.UC products superior PBX integration flexibility enables JITC-certified interoperability between any PBX in the DOD inventory. For example, Callegra.UC provides simultaneous integration between the Nortel MSL100 and the Cisco Call Manager integrating both user populations on to a single system. In addition, Callegra.UC leverages extremely redundant name brand server hardware with RAID 5 storage up to 200,000 hours.

Other new features in this release include:

Fax server enhancement:

  • Support for TR-1034 Brooktrout Analog and T1 fax boards
  • Incorporated fax tracing into the engine tracing

Enhanced client and server security:

  • Data encryption

CallegraWEB message management enhancement:

  • Ability to save, delete, and recover multiple messages at one time
  • Ability to change the number of displayed items on the message folders
  • Ability to mark messages for future delivery
  • Australian prompts

CallegraINBOX for Outlook enhancement:

  • Auto download and attach
  • Auto archive
  • Wave file import
  • Made the auto login feature optional

Additional Features:

  • CallegraADMIN MMC Snap-in
  • Added box import feature
  • Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine
  • MSDE SP4 is installed instead of MSDE SP3
  • CallegraINBOX for GroupWise
  • Support for GroupWise 7
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Support for Windows XP Professional with a limit of 5 clients