Scalable and Multi PBX/VoIP Integrations

Callegra.UC is scalable from small offices to large enterprises; growing with your organization and supporting millions of users seamlessly world-wide.

The product provides the versatility to transparently bridge multiple brands of switches, VoIP systems, and multiple locations transforming your heterogeneous telephony environment into a single unified communications infrastructure, transforming your enterprises’ locations into a single unified entity. 

Key features of Callegra.UC Multiple Site 

  • Bridges different physical locations.
  • Integrates multiple disparate telephony switches, including VoIP, at the same time without requiring new switches or handsets.
  • Unifies your organization’s telephone system.
  • Callegra.UC can be scaled by adding additional Telephony servers and switches at a later time.
  • PBX and VoIP systems do not have to be networked together in order to unify your voicemail and auto attendant.

This is a visual example of a multiple site and multiple switch integration: 

Callegra.UC Many to One Integration with Avaya, Nortel, and Cisco

Callegra.UC Multiple Site example with multiple switch vendors located in multiple locations. From this example, you can see how you can transparently bridge your various equipment and locations to unify your organization.

This flexibility and power enables your organization to regionalize and consolidate your Users on a single unified communications database across multiple manufactures’ PBXs at a single site or across an entire enterprise. This type of many TelephonyServices servers to one DataCenter server can start with a few sites, and later be scaled up to as many as twenty different sites. After twenty sites, or approximately 50,000 Users we recommend investigating CallegraCOMMUNITY with our sales team due to bandwidth and redundancy considerations.

For a partial list of supported PBX switches, please see: Private: Multiple PBX Integration Support List