Callware Product documentation is available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and Compiled HTML Help (CHM), which is available from the Help menu when using CallegraINBOX or CallegraWEB.

The most recent Callegra.UC documentation is available below.

  • Client Guide – Includes information on CallegraINBOX™ for Microsoft Outlook™, CallegraWEB, and the CallegraFAX™ Print Drivers.
  • Telephone Guide – Includes information on setting up new voicemail boxes, accessing and managing messages, sending messages from your box, optional services, and a pull-out key map.
  • Map – Includes the pull-out key map, which includes the menu options on the Callegra.UC voicemail system.
  • Pocket Card – A single-fold card sized to fit in a wallet with the most commonly asked for options.