Callegra.UC works with Locked In PBX Systems and VoIP

Many phone system solutions lock in their system so it becomes very costly as companies grow and merge with other companies. Callegra.UC has the unique ability to interoperate with these so called locked systems, helping systems to work in tandem despite their differences.  These systems include: Avaya, AVST, Cisco, Lucent, Nortel, Siemens, and hundreds of other systems.

Also, as organizations are adopting VoIP technology, Callegra.UC is a great solution as it works to integrate existing PBX systems with VoIP systems. This is an impossible task for most of these locked-in systems. Because the cost of the hardware far exceeds other costs, this saves organizations thousands and the ability to take advantage of this new VoIP technology.

Callegra.UC allows you to upgrade each component in a larger system as time and budget allow.

Keep in mind, Callegra.UC is also a great transition from outdated and manufacturer discontinued voicemail/auto attendants, such as Octel, Nortel Meridian Mail, Nortel CallPilot, Intuity Audix, and Centigram, bringing your system up-to-date while leveraging investments in existing switches and handsets.