Callegra.UC Unifies and Integrates Disparate Voicemail Systems

The Callegra.UC product can unify your organization, bring together multiple physical locations and diverse telephone equipment, and act transparently as one voicemail and unified messaging system – integrating disparate systems working in unison, including:

  • Avaya — CM6, AS5300, plus Legacy Avaya and Nortel switches
  • Cisco — CUCM 8.x
  • Alcatel-Lucent — Legacy switches
  • Siemens — Legacy switches
  • NSN — hiQ800
  • plus many others

The ability for Callegra.UC to unify the various disparate systems is not new. This capability is a long-standing product feature. However, a recent independent lab test of Callegra.UC working in unison with various new IP switches — including Avaya CM6, AS5300, and Cisco CUCM 8.6 — shows Callware’s continued commitment to interoperability.

Callegra.UC provides the versatility to transparently bridge multiple brands of switches and or multiple locations, transforming your heterogeneous telephony environment and your enterprise locations into a single unified communications infrastructure and entity.

Key features of Callegra.UC:

  • Bridges different physical locations.
  • Integrates multiple disparate telephony switches at the same time without requiring new switches or handsets.
  • Unifies your organization’s telephone system, including your voicemail and auto attendant without the common network requirement.
  • Provides scalability in the future by allowing you to add disparate Telephony servers, switches, and locations as needed.

Callware builds a version of its Callegra.UC product for the United States Department of Defense (DoD) , which provides secure voicemail, unified messaging, auto attendant, voice recognition, and voice/fax message access from the telephone, Microsoft Outlook, or the Internet. The product also provides the DoD with simultaneous switch integration support for legacy telephone switches and the newly deployed Local Session Controller (LSC) switches.

The DoD awarded Callware Technologies Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) Certification for this product version referred to as Callegra.UC JITC