Callegra.UC Web Services SDK

Callegra.UC XML Web Services SDK for Unified Communication & Messaging

Microsoft .netBusinesses are attempting to accommodate employees and customers by providing more communication options than ever before. Smart businesses are creating strategic advantages by taking these disparate communication options and making them available from any interface. Callware’s flagship product Callegra.UC is available via XML Web Services to the software development community, bringing advanced messaging and control functions through the Callegra XML Web Services Software Development Kit (SDK).

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to consume XML / SOAP Web Service
  • Bring Voice, Fax, and telephony administrative functions to any application.
  • Scaling from small offices to large multi-site enterprises
  • Broad development environment support
  • Easy XML Web Service Consumption
  • Solid Robust Technology Foundation

Bring Voice and Fax functions to any application

Callegra.UC Web Services SDK brings the power and richness of voice and fax communications to any application capable of consuming XML Web Services, such as web applications and rich desktop client applications. By offering advanced phone and call control, complete message access (voicemail, email, or fax) and complete mailbox and system administration capabilities, software developers can add these capabilities to existing or new applications, bringing tremendous power to their Users.

Using the Callegra.UC Web Services SDK, you can integrate telephony functionality, such as client and administration components, with your existing applications.

Scaling from small offices to large multi-site enterprises

Callegra.UC, can support from 4 to 144 ports of voicemail on a single server and handle up to 1 million Users. Additionally, by scaling out to multiple servers through Scalable and Multi PBX/VoIP Integrations or CallegraCOMMUNITY, Callegra.UC can serve many different sites and different PBXs in networked environments.

Broad development environment support

XML Web Services are the new standard for inter-application integration and communication. XML Web Services enjoy wide support in Microsoft’s .NET initiatives. Microsoft’s Visual Studio .NET, Eclipse, and many other development environments allow developers to utilize Callegra XML Web Services to build remarkable new functionality into applications without requiring an advanced knowledge of PBX integrations, phone control, call routing,¬†and faxing technology.

Easy XML Web Service Consumption

Adding telephone, voicemail and fax functionality enhances applications that can use XML Web Services. Email and other messaging applications, specialty and vertical applications, and other services designed to improve communication can all benefit from the phone and fax strengths of Callegra.UC Web Services SDK.

Solid Robust Technology Foundation

With over two decades of experience in merging telephone and computer technology, Callware is uniquely situated to offer an SDK that allows businesses and developers to bring communications convergence to the next level. The Callegra.UC System was designed and constructed as an XML N-tier, object-oriented, distributed application to enhance stability and robustness, even under the most punishing conditions. Callegra’s history of industrial strength telephony integration, voice messaging, and fax functionality, combined with voice recognition, text to speech, and Microsoft Management Console based administration, makes it easy to select Callegra.UC for developing applications designed to take advantage of today’s communications, and tomorrows opportunities.

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