CallegraTTS (Text to Speech)

CallegraTTS bridges the gap between voice and data communications using leading edge text to speech capabilities. Managing email messages through any telephone is simple, understandable and effective. No need to power up a laptop or connect a mobile device. A quick call to a Callegra mailbox allows Users to retrieve and reply to emails over the telephone as easily as they access their voice and fax messages.

CallegraTTS for email by phone has Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) voices and can reply to emails with attached voice messages. CallegraTTS allows you to listen to, save, delete, or reply to email messages for complete out of office control of email over the telephone. The new TTS voices, powered by SpeechWorks and available through Callegra TTS ADVANCED, are even more natural sounding thanks to the next generation of TTS engines.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick access to your email from any telephone system.
  • Stay connected with your email messages where internet access is not available.
  • Hands free email.

Stay In Touch

Getting emails while on the run is a cumbersome task. CallegraTTS provides you with the ability to have email read to you over the telephone including sender, subject, and date/time, followed by the text of the email itself and a list of any attachments. By adding an additional point of access for emails, people on the move are no longer limited to retrieving emails via laptops and PDAs.

CallegraTTS makes staying in touch easier and more productive. You can play, reply with a voice attachment, skip, save, and delete emails and manage voice and fax messages at the same time, empowering themselves with full message management capabilities over the phone from anywhere.

Leverage your entire Callegra.UC System

CallegraTTS allows an organization to maximize the full power and usability of the entire Callegra solution. Each user mailbox enabled for Callegra client usage gains not only Microsoft Outlook or Internet browser access to the voice and fax messages but also telephone based email management through CallegraTTS.

CallegraTTS is available with two levels of sophistication-TTS BASIC and CallegraTTS ADVANCED. TTS BASIC features Microsoft’s SAPI 5 Text to Speech engine and is bundled as a value-added component in all Callegra Unified Communications systems. CallegraTTS ADVANCED features SpeechWorks’ Speechify Text to Speech System with the latest technology, achieving the highest levels of realism and playback comprehension.

Integrate into an Assortment of Email Providers

CallegraTTS was carefully engineered to integrate into Callegra systems without requiring additional voice board hardware. In addition, CallegraTTS was designed to simultaneously integrate with multiple IMAP compliant message stores including Microsoft Exchange and many other enterprise email systems. CallegraTTS provides both small and large customers with maximum flexibility while preserving existing infrastructure investments.

No need to fire up your computer to check your email messages. Callegra TTS allows you to listen to your email while you check your voice or fax messages over the telephone.