CallegraFAX expands the functionality of the Callegra mailbox by providing Users with an environmentally friendly, green-technology fax interface via their computer. You can access incoming fax messages from anywhere in the world by telephone, on the Internet through CallegraWEB, or in Microsoft Outlook using the CallegraINBOX add-in. You can also fax documents directly from Microsoft Windows-based applications to fax servers, fax machines, email addresses, or other Callegra mailboxes.

Selecting the CallegraFAX Printer opens the Send Fax Address Dialog Box.

CallegraFAX Print Drivers allow you to send faxes directly from your computer, bypassing the line at the fax machine. With CallegraFAX, the quality and legibility of the transmitted document is greatly improved. Additionally, a digital copy of the transmitted document is retained in the sender’s log files with the transmission status, time and date, with easy resend capabilities. The CallegraFAX Print Driver uses the Microsoft Outlook Contacts Address Book for easy faxing and can connect to other LDAP-enabled Address Books as needed. CallegraFAX Print Drivers also allow the sender to transmit fax documents to email addresses as well as fax numbers. Sending a fax by email creates a document that you can view with Microsoft Windows-standard image viewers.

Key Benefits:

Gain additional productivity with:

  • Unified inbox through the use of CallegraINBOX for Microsoft Outlook
  • Internet access from anywhere in the world to faxed materials through CallegraWEB
  • Intuitive Print-to-Fax
  • Improved productivity by having immediate and direct access to faxes as they arrive
  • On-screen viewing
  • Faxes converted to usable text documents through OCR.
  • Confidentiality

Improved Productivity and Personalization

Integrating fax capabilities into the network turns cumbersome manual fax activities into powerful, efficient communications for every user. Faxes received by a traditional fax machine are individually printed using an expensive manual process. CallegraFAX provides an easy-to-use fax Cover Sheet and a Sent Faxes Log (accessible via CallegraINBOX for Microsoft Outlook or CallegraWEB) that not only verifies fax transmission status, but also allows for resending. Inbound faxes are received directly into Callegra mailboxes allowing either client or telephone access. If a printed copy is needed, remote telephone Users can send the fax to their primary fax machine or enter the fax number of their current location to have it delivered. CallegraFAX generates and stores fax documents as Adobe Acrobat .PDF file or  as a graphic .tif file to ensure and preserve the quality and legibility of faxed documents-especially when resending or forwarding to other people. Users can view and print faxes directly from their computers.

Intuitive “Print-to-Fax”

Sending a document to a fax machine, email address, or a Callegra mailbox is as easy as selecting “CallegraFAX” as the printer from any application running on Microsoft Windows. The integrated Microsoft Outlook Address Book makes organizing and inserting fax numbers or email addresses quick and easy.