CallegraVOICE delivers the most customer friendly call routing advantages through industry-leading voice recognition solutions. By eliminating the need for auto attendant menus, dial-by-extension directories, or lengthy department lists, CallegraVOICE offers a comfortable, natural way for callers to connect by simply speaking a person’s name or the name of a department, such as “Customer Service.”

Key Benefits:

  • Improved customer experience through human speech.
  • Better call routing by eliminating dial-by-extension mistakes.
  • Hands free inbound calls.

A Better Way To Connect

CallegraVOICE offers convenient call routing advantages to incoming callers. With its ability to understand the human voice, CallegraVOICE easily assists customers with connections to the right destinations at the highest levels of efficiency. Unlike other systems, CallegraVOICE does not require your customers to “wait for the beep” before they can speak. Callers can simply speak a person’s name or the name of a department while any system prompts or greetings are playing. With such a fast and friendly telephone interface, customers will enjoy doing business with any organization using CallegraVOICE.

Improved Productivity

Customers aren’t the only beneficiaries of the advanced voice recognition capabilities in CallegraVOICE. Employees connect with each other by speaking, they have no need to hunt around for organization directories or try to remember infrequently used extensions. With up to eight different aliases, each user can incorporate commonly used nicknames or alternate pronunciations to assist in rapidly reaching the correct person or department.

Additionally, employees and customers are not required to “train” the system. The LumenVox recognition engine is tuned to understand everyone, even in noisy or wireless conditions.

Unquestionable Reliability

CallegraVOICE is powered by LumenVox, which it’s core Speech Software is certified as one of the most accurate, natural sounding, and reliable solutions in the industry. Regardless of background noise or telephone device, CallegraVOICE has exceptional recognition accuracy.

Additionally, as a voice activated auto attendant integrated with Callegra, CallegraVOICE doesn’t require any additional servers or applications to maintain. Voice enabled reception and call routing also substantially reduces the burden on receptionists. CallegraVOICE combines the best of the industry to deliver uncompromised value and performance.