CallegraWEB delivers anytime, anywhere messaging access and enhanced remote manageability for today’s workforce, especially for mobile and remote professionals. CallegraWEB brings the advantages of an easy-to-use browser-based client together with the universal coverage of the Internet to provide powerful messaging options for Callegra Users everywhere.

Users can access Voice and Fax messages using the CallegraWEB Internet client.

CallegraWEB has a clean and intuitive interface, which makes organizing and managing messages even quicker and easier, plus when you listen to your new voicemail, it will clear the message waiting light at your desk.  Messages are organized into separate folders such as inbox, saved, sent faxes, and deleted messages.  CallegraWEB preferences include the ability to create and manage notification settings, greetings, message retention parameters, distribution lists, and much more.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficient Access from Anywhere
  • Fax and Voicemail Access
  • Self Administration

CallegraWEB Inbox

The CallegraWEB inbox displays voice and fax messages for easy prioritization and management. Play voicemail and view faxes on any PC with an Internet connection and web browser. View fax messages in PDF or .tif format. The easy-to-use Callegra Address Book makes tasks such as creating, replying, and forwarding messages simple and efficient. The CallegraFAX print driver installed on fax enabled Callegra.UC systems enables faxing directly from the PC to anywhere. Through the use of a visual voicemail and fax interface, Users can respond to messages immediately or wait to handle several messages at once. This allows Callegra Users to deal with important issues right away and minimize other interruptions.