CallegraINBOX for Microsoft Outlook

Users can administer and optimize settings from Callegra Options.

CallegraINBOX brings a unified inbox to Microsoft Outlook, giving you one place for your voice, fax, and email messages in real time. This improves responsiveness and access to information.

CallegraINBOX offers unparalleled functionality designed to improve business communications, leverage current communications and messaging infrastructure, and incorporate the technologies and standards of tomorrow.

With full self-administration available, notification routines, mailbox setup, and message retention periods that are easy and intuitive for  users to control. Forwarding voice or fax messages directly as email makes communication inside or outside Callegra.UC system easy.

Key Benefits:

  • Voice and fax messages appear in your inbox
  • Improves the responsiveness across your organization
  • Easy setup on your client machines
  • Mail server independent
  • Separation of voicemail message store from email message store

Client Centered Computing

CallegraINBOX adds voice and fax message controls to the Microsoft Outlook. Because there is no required Microsoft Exchange Server integration, use CallegraINBOX with Outlook as the messaging client for Exchange or other mail servers, such as IMAP, POP3, or other Internet email servers. This improves the flexibility of integration and increases the number of supported business and technology environments.

Users can access voice and fax messages from Microsoft Outlook.

Integrated Faxing

When the optional CallegraFAX services are installed on the Callegra.UC system, all mailbox owners with Callegra Clients, including CallegraINBOX, have access to outbound desktop faxing and confidential direct to mailbox inbound faxing. The effort and time spent to manually send a fax from a fax machine is dramatically reduced and the quality and legibility of the transmitted document are noticeably improved.


Once CallegraINBOX is installed, users can manage many of their own mailbox settings, using the Callegra Options menu within Microsoft Outlook. With the Callegra Options menu, users can setup their voice mailbox for email retrieval over the phone using CallegraTTS (Text to Speech). Additionally, you can quickly and easily adjust message retention parameters, notification types, plans and schedules, long distance access codes, and current telephone extensions.

Of course, system administrators retain control over individual user access levels, keeping the system secure and optimally configured, yet allowing individual users to easily set up exactly the functionality and feature set they desire.

Separation of voicemail and email

Because CallegraINBOX uses a separate voicemail store from your email store, it allows integration with many different email vendors such as Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Google apps as long as Microsoft Outlook is your email client. This separation of systems helps you in handling data retention and public access legislation, such as the Freedom of Information Act and HIPAA, specifically targeted to email systems that does not apply to voicemail systems.