Centigram Voicemail Replacement

The product’s high security edition provides extra security features, for implementations where confidentiality and high security is a requirement, such as those needed for banking, healthcare, and government.

For an example of this type of replacement in action, please see our spotlighted deployment: Callegra.UC replaces Indiana State University’s legacy voicemail for 2500+ Users

Brief history of Centigram:

Centigram Communications was incorporated in 1991 and created the VoiceMemo voicemail system. Centigram voicemail was a competitor in the medium to large enterprise space, and was able to service up to 240 ports of voicemail. In 1998, Mitel purchased the customer premises portions of Centigram Communications, and in 2000 ADC Telecommunications purchased the remainder of Centigram. In 2001, ADC sold portions of Centigram to SS8. In 2012, Centigram (TM) was acquired and became a VoicePlus, Inc. company.

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