Centigram Voicemail Replacement

Centigram was a widely used central office and large organization voicemail system. Centigram Communications created the VoiceMemo voice mail system during the early 90s. Organizations and government entities using this legacy voicemail system need a viable replacement.

Callware’s Callegra.UC and Callegra.UC JITC are the logical choices to replace this legacy Centigram system, because Callegra.UC:

  • Uses your existing telephone PBX switches.
  • Does not require upgrades to your existing handsets.
  • Enables transition to VoIP / SIP-enabled systems.
  • Easily scales to the size of your existing Centigram system, from 500 to 500,000 Users and beyond.
  • Offers identical Centigram telephone user interface (TUI) prompts.

Callegra.UC is feature rich and brings all of the capabilities you need for voicemail, auto attendant, unified messaging, speech recognition, inbound and outbound fax services, text to speech email reading over the telephone, multi-site networking and advanced disaster recovery configurations. Callegra.UC covers your existing Centigram feature-sets, while providing you access to upgraded features and newer technologies.

Callegra.UC will mimic your existing Centigram menu system out of the box because it uses identical prompts. This will save your company time in learning a new telephone menu system.

Callegra.UC is a leader in helping organizations transition to VoIP / SIP-enabled systems by moving legacy (TDM) systems to VoIP / SIP through the use of a VoIP gateway. Additionally, Callegra.UC can integrate with both legacy PBX’s and VoIP systems simultaneously so that all Users, across multiple platforms, can use a single Callegra.UC system.

Supporting a legacy Centigram system can be expensive, problematic, time consuming, and a security risk for your organization. Callegra.UC has many support tiers available, is updated regularly, is based on the latest stable technologies, and Callware has provided voicemail systems for three decades.

Legacy Voicemail SystemsAn investment in Callegra.UC is an investment in future technology. Unlike voicemail and unified messaging systems sold by switch manufacturers, Callegra.UC is specifically designed to integrate with every major make and model of telephone system currently on the market. Because Callegra.UC uses industry standard protocols, it can interoperate with your existing telephone system and almost any new telephone system that you decide to invest in.

Through the use of Scalable and Multi PBX/VoIP Integrations you can transparently bridge multiple brands of switches and/or multiple locations, transforming your heterogeneous telephony environment into a single unified communications infrastructure. This enables you to add new telephone switches as needed, and update older switches without costly upgrades of your entire system. This type of functionality will enable you to grow your environment in new and different ways than were available to you through your legacy Centigram system.

In addition, Callegra.UC provides an easy-to-use administration tool, available across a LAN and WAN environment. CallegraADMIN provides visual management, maintenance, and updating of the Callegra.UC system that is easy and intuitive to use.

The product’s high security edition provides extra security features, for implementations where confidentiality and high security is a requirement, such as those needed for banking, healthcare, and government.

For an example of this type of replacement in action, please see our spotlighted deployment: Callegra.UC replaces Indiana State University’s legacy voicemail for 2500+ Users

Brief history of Centigram:

Centigram Communications was incorporated in 1991 and created the VoiceMemo voicemail system. Centigram voicemail was a competitor in the medium to large enterprise space, and was able to service up to 240 ports of voicemail. In 1998, Mitel purchased the customer premises portions of Centigram Communications, and in 2000 ADC Telecommunications purchased the remainder of Centigram. In 2001, ADC sold portions of Centigram to SS8. In 2012, Centigram (TM) was acquired and became a VoicePlus, Inc. company.