FEMA Region 7 is using Callegra.UC for Mobile Headquarters

Callware Technologies is pleased to provide Callegra.UC as FEMA‘s auto attendant, emergency notification, and voicemail system in its mobile headquarters to facilitate these needs.

To keep these agencies in touch and to coordinate their efforts is critical. Through the use of this mobile HQ, FEMA can quickly deploy and reliably stay connected by leveraging Callegra.UC. Callegra.UC can route calls to agents in the field, or take messages when those agents are not available and notify them through email and mobile messages. Additionally, Callegra.UC can be used to broadcast emergency notifications to all of their agents in the field.

Callegra.UC is helping FEMA agents stay in touch with:

  • Affected disaster population
  • Each-other
  • Additional relief efforts occurring within the same area
  • The FEMA central office
  • Other state, federal, and government agencies

This type of deployment shows how you can use Callegra.UC to fill unified communication needs in unique situations where the number of end users may be relatively small, but there is still a critical need for high availability, secure communications, complex call routing, emergency notification, and easily accessible voicemail.