Callware Announces Unified Messaging Solution for Windows NT

Callware Technologies, a leader in advanced voice mail and computer telephony solutions, today announced the release of the first beta version of the Callware unified messaging product for Windows NT operating systems. Beta releases will be available to select organizations. With the release of this product, Callware’s proven unified messaging technology is now available for all of the leading network platforms. Demonstrations of the product can be seen at COMDEX Spring ’98 and other spring shows.

“We are pleased to officially kick off beta testing of Callware’s unified messaging product for Windows NT,” said John Saverino, Callware president and chief executive officer. “We are eager to get user feedback so we can deliver the highest-quality product to the market.”

“With the continuing strong growth of Windows NT, and the current large share of Novell Netware users, Callware can provide its advanced messaging technology to the majority of LANs and Intranets in the market today,” said Alec Belfer, Callware executive vice president of engineering.

Unified messaging offers users single-point access to their voice mail, e- mail, and faxes. The result is a powerful, yet easy-to-use communications system that provides users access to all forms of business messaging from a telephone or PC interface, whether they’re in the office or on the road.

Callware’s unified mail box can be integrated with leading groupware packages such as Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Lotus Notes, or Novell GroupWise, or use a stand-alone Callware ViewPoint client. Callware’s unified mail box allows users to intuitively manage and interact with all forms of business messaging. Users see all of their messages displayed graphically and can quickly identify urgent business messages by viewing the caller or sender’s identity and the message’s time, date, length, and subject. In addition, users can be notified of incoming messages in a variety of ways, including pagers, cellular phones, and other message waiting indicators.

The Callware unified messaging product for Windows NT will be available from 2 to 96 ports and is Year 2000 compliant. Organizations interested in participating in the beta testing of this product may submit a request to

Callware’s products are unique because they are software-only solutions that are both hardware and platform independent, offering customers a flexible, cost-effective approach to complete computer telephony integration. This means that organizations can leverage and protect their current hardware and telephone system investments without having to replace expensive equipment.