Callware Technologies Capabilities Statement

Callware Technologies, Inc (CTI) is an original equipment manufacturer that manufactures Callegra.UC, which is a voicemail and auto attendant system based on industry standard computer server hardware that has since 2004 achieved multiple Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certifications and is posted on the DoD’s Approved Products List (APL). CTI currently works with both large and small business DoD resellers such as General Dynamics Information Technology, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Harris/Multimax, Booz Allen Hamilton, Telos, Wyle, Verizon, Mutual Telecom Services, Black Box/NextiraOne Federal, AT&T and Alcatel/Lucent, etc. CTI has in the past and will continue to work with other small “disadvantaged” businesses.
Callegra.UC is extensively deployed on hundreds of  sites and military bases around the world in footprints that accommodate individual bases and also as an enterprise system serving multiple sites with unified messaging and centralized administration across the network. Callegra.UC has tremendous scalability from dozens of Users up to millions of Users within a single User database. Within its current JITC Certification, Callegra.UC is also certified for LAN connectivity and can network multiple Callegra.UC User databases/sites together with a global User address book across an entire enterprise if a multi-database model is preferred. Callegra.UC is JITC Certified to simultaneously interoperate with multiple TDM and LSC switches across different manufacturers product lines thereby preserving existing PBX investments and eliminating the need and added cost to have multiple manufacturers voicemail systems maintained and supported due to the diversity of existing PBX’s or LSC’s currently deployed. Callegra.UC’s wide range of PBX and LSC integration types under its current JITC Certification enables Callegra.UC to integrate and interoperate with any PBX or LSC within the DoD’s inventory. Callegra.UC is a state of the art system incorporating VMWare for virtualization with a web services, XML and distributed architecture based on the Windows operating system and heavily leveraging Microsoft’s .NET enabling a very minimal training tail.
Beyond its baseline voicemail and auto attendant capabilities and within its current JITC Certification, Callegra.UC also is JITC Certified for unified messaging that can also include both inbound and outbound fax server functionality across a single site or an entire enterprise. With Callegra.UC’s unified messaging capabilities, voicemail is no longer confined to access from just a telephone. Callegra.UC’s advanced unified messaging functionality brings voicemail and fax traffic into either the Microsoft Outlook or into various mobile or browser based graphical User interfaces. Message creation, retrieval, saving, archiving, managing distribution lists, notification plans, prioritizing messages, retrieving deleted messages via a visual interface brings tremendous productivity and improved communications to the work place. Callegra.UC’s fax server can dramatically consolidate and reduce the number of existing fax lines and bring fax traffic more in-line with initiatives designed to reduce the amount of paper movement throughout the work place.
Also, within its current JITC Certification, Callegra.UC has advanced speech enabled auto attendant capabilities allowing callers to navigate within the system via the spoken word. For Users that travel, Callegra.UC can provide a text-to-speech email reader that allows a Users email to be read back to them over the telephone with the ability for the email recipient to reply to the email sender over the telephone and then delete or save the email using their telephone. Callegra.UC provides extensive emergency notification capabilities to deliver mass notification messages to any number of telephone numbers, email addresses or SMS destinations. In addition, Callegra.UC possesses outstanding five nines operational efficiency in an N+1 virtual architecture including geo redundant disaster recovery capabilities, which can be implemented in a variety of Continuity of Operations (COOP) configurations. Callegra.UC leverages state of the art industry standard, industrial grade, brand name, server hardware that typically carries three year manufacturers’ warranties. These servers are rack mountable, extremely redundant across their components and provide vast amounts of RAID 5 hard disk drive array storage without proprietary licensing fees. Currently, the U.S. Navy is CTI’s DoD sponsor.