The CallegraPORTAL™ Solution (commercial only) brings the advantage of the rich unified messaging features found in CallegraWEB into Microsoft Outlook. The CallegraPORTAL solution interfaces CallegraWEB’s Internet Explorer browser within the Microsoft outlook email message frame window without installing additional software. The CallegraPORTAL solution provides the best of both the Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer environments all within Outlook.


CallegraPORTAL running inside Microsoft Outlook

Key Benefits

  • Utilizes Zero installation footprint of CallegraWEB
  • Advanced visual voice mail with CallegraFAX capabilities
  • Multi-level Callegra mailbox management for Users

CallegraPORTAL displays voice and fax messages for easy prioritization and management within the Microsoft Outlook window frame. CallegraFAX expands the functionality of Microsoft Outlook with the CallegraPORTAL solution by providing Users with a flexible inbound / outbound fax capability. The CallegraPORTAL solution allows Unified Messaging Users that prefer Microsoft Outlook, to customize their outlook email experience to include Unified Messaging without installing software on their PC.

When installing software on a user’s PC is not the preferred method of enabling Unified Messaging, Callegra.UC can provide the means to interface Microsoft Outlook and the CallegraWEB Internet Explorer environments. The CallegraPORTAL solution combines the benefits of both the Microsoft Outlook interface with the zero footprint benefits of CallegraWEB. The CallegraPORTAL solution allows Unified Messaging Users to continue using their Outlook interface yet also embeds Callegra.UC’s CallegraWEB interface within the Outlook email message window frame. For Unified Messaging Users that prefer Microsoft Outlook as their GUI and do not wish to install software on their PC, CTI recommends the CallegraPORTAL solution to minimize the number of PCs that would require a software installation for unified messaging. CallegraPORTAL is designed to leverage the strengths of both Microsoft Outlook and CallegraWEB.