Callegra.UC JITC being deployed in Technical Control Facilities

The  Department of Defense (DoD) is deploying Callegra.UC JITC in its Technical Control Facilities.

Callware Technologies is pleased for this opportunity to provide our high security Private: Callegra.UC JITC COOP Enterprise Edition in this unique and innovative manner.

The Department of Defense (DoD) has Technical Control Facilities, which are shipping container style modular data centers. This enables Callegra.UC JITC to be a component of a mobile or semi-mobile base deployment.

Because power can come from generators, locally accessible power, or battery, these Callegra.UC servers are built to accept DC or AC power depending on the specific power needs.

These Technical Control Facilities are deployed in the theater of operations at military installations that need voicemail and auto attendant capabilities. These Callegra.UC JITC deployments are able to scale as needed to the size of the base and also provide redundant capabilities with CallegraRECOVERY.