Callegra.UC replaces Indiana State University’s legacy voicemail for 2500+ Users

How can you replace an aging voicemail system, bring your technology into this century, add critical features such as fault tolerance, and also scale as your organization grows.

Indiana State University (ISU) was faced with just this hurdle.

ISU provides voicemail services to faculty, staff, and its student body. They have 2500+ mailboxes on their system, servicing 54 buildings on campus, and three off campus facilities. ISU was faced with replacing their legacy Centigram voicemail system with a modern system that could cover their current number of Users and also grow with them in the future. Additionally, they needed to move to VoIP and add fault tolerance to their mission critical voicemail system.

ISU evaluated solutions from Microsoft, Nortel CallPilot, Mitel UN, and AVST, and ultimately chose Callegra.UC for its flexibility and scalability.

Callegra.UC successfully provided ISU with solutions to their problems while providing substantial improvements over their legacy voicemail.

We introduced them to our Centigram Voicemail Replacement capabilities, which allowed Callegra.UC to easily handle their entire population of mailboxes and through the use of Scalable and Multi PBX/VoIP Integrations, ISU knows that Callegra.UC will protect their investments and grow with them into the future.

To facilitate ISU’s needs for redundancy and fault tolerance, Callware suggested adding CallegraRECOVERY to their solution. This provided ISU with a real time disaster recovery fail-over system in case of hardware failure or a disaster on campus.

Additionally, Callegra.UC was able to provide ISU with advanced Emergency Notification capabilities that can rapidly notify any number or type of telephone, email addresses, pagers, overhead paging systems and deliver SMS messages to cell phones for thousands of people simultaneously.

ISU’s needs to initiate a transition to VoIP were handled by way of Callegra.UC’s Transitioning from Legacy TDM PBX’s to VoIP / SIP. To integrate to their Meridian 1 / CS1000 PBX, we installed two VoIP gateways in a T1/QSIG configuration, handling 48 telephone ports to the Callegra.UC system.

Due to the ease of which new mailboxes can be configured, they are now able to add students to this system through the use of a page located here:

Callware delivered ISU an advanced system to replace their legacy Centigram voicemail, which exceeded all of ISU’s needs for the foreseeable future.

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