Nortel CallPilot Voicemail Replacement

The product’s high security edition provides extra security features, for implementations where confidentiality and high security is a requirement, such as those needed for banking, healthcare, and government.

For an example of this type of replacement in action, please see our spotlighted deployment: Callegra.UC replaces Indiana State University’s legacy voicemail for 2500+ Users

Brief History of Nortel CallPilot Voicemail systems:

Nortel was founded in 1895 as Northern Electric and Manufacturing. In the mid 80s, Nortel introduced the Meridian Mail voicemail system. In 2001, Nortel introduced CallPilot, an additional voicemail and unified messaging platform. In 2006, Nortel announced the retirement of Meridian Mail and suggested customers migrate to CallPilot. In 2009, during Nortel’s bankruptcy, Nortel’s enterprise solutions business was sold to Avaya. During the same year, CallPilot was removed from the Department of Defense Approved Products List.

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