CallegraADMIN for MMC


Callegra Admin MMC Snap-in allowing WYSIWYG style access to your Callegra.UC system

With CallegraADMIN, system administrators enjoy local or remote Callegra.UC system administration using the Callware provided Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

CallegraADMIN for MMC is an integral part of every Callegra.UC system and makes managing a 10-site networked installation as easy as a local system. Mailbox templates and other system features allow for rapid creation of hundreds or thousands of identical boxes, yet each box can be configured totally independently of any other box, allowing for the ultimate in application flexibility and no “class of service” limitations.

Offering remote box administration, CallegraADMIN installs as a snap-in to Microsoft Management Console (MMC).  

With CallegraADMIN, system administrators can:  

  • Administer a single system locally.
  • Administer many systems centrally and remotely.
  • Set up and populate initial systems.
  • Manage moves, adds, and changes.
  • Manage system logs.
  • Establish mailbox Users rights and services for both telephone and GUI client access.
  • Import professionally recorded greetings.
  • Administer individual mailbox speed dial settings.
  • Schedule emergency notification and broadcast resources.