Emergency Notification, Fax and Voice Message Broadcasting


Administrators can define what times a message can be scheduled for delivery.

The Callegra.UC message broadcast feature allows Users the ability to send voice and fax messages to a large number of people within an organization or to external parties.

This powerful feature can be used to deliver emergency notifications. For example, a university may want to inform all faculty and staff of extreme weather conditions and that the university will be closing early that day. Using a distribution list, a voicemail message can be quickly delivered to all people that have a Callegra.UC box, and through the use of telephone ports, calls can be placed to deliver the message to phones outside the Callegra.UC network.

As another example, a high school principal can remind parents of an important meeting using a recorded message that is broadcast to the parents of all children in that school. This message can be recorded that day and then be scheduled to be delivered the evening before the meeting.

Through the use of CallegraCOMMUNITY these messages can be broadcast anywhere within your organization with ease. This gives you the ability to deliver a broadcast message globally within your federated CallegraCOMMUNITY network.

With the addition of CallegraFAX, these broadcast capabilities can be expanded to include fax messages as well as voice messages.

Because this type of send uses telephony ports that are also used for voicemail and auto attendant, the best practice is to schedule broadcast messages during off-peak business hours. Additionally administrators can control when Users can send out broadcast messages, either during a predefined time frame or immediately.

Distribution Lists

Through the use of Distribution Lists, your fax or voice messages can be delivered to Callegra.UC mailboxes, telephone numbers, or boxes within your CallegraCOMMUNITY