Transitioning from Legacy TDM PBX’s to VoIP / SIP

Callegra.UC is a critical link in assisting your organization to transition from legacy PBX / TDM telephony systems to Voice Over IP (VoIP) without requiring expensive hardware upgrades of phone switches and handsets.

Callegra.UC simultaneously integrates legacy PBX systems and VoIP. All Users across your multi-switch enterprise, regardless of whether they use a legacy TDM PBX or a VoIP switch, receive Callegra.UC voicemail and auto attendant service from a single unified Callegra.UC system.

Some key reasons Callegra.UC best serves your VoIP / SIP transition needs:

  • Bridges the gap between investments in legacy PBX’s and migrating to VoIP switches with ease.
  • Use legacy PBX equipment side by side with VoIP switches with a single Callegra.UC system for all of your Users.
  • Prolongs existing investments in legacy PBX switches while also allowing incremental steps toward VoIP as budgets allow.
  • Callegra.UC brings advanced unified messaging and unified communications capabilities to both legacy PBX and VoIP environments.
  • No requirements to upgrade your switches and telephone equipment.
  • With Callegra.UC, organizations are free to upgrade telephony switches, while knowing that their investment in Callegra.UC is secure.

Legacy Voicemail SystemsUsing either Callegra.UC hardware voice boards, gateways, direct SIP integration, or any combination of the above at the same time, Callegra.UC has an integration modality suited for your current environment. Callegra.UC can compliment your existing legacy PBX switches or allow you to incrementally transition to VoIP switch technology without the need to have multiple voicemail systems or prematurely retire legacy PBX’s when budget dollars are tight. Callegra.UC can bridge these systems transparently through Scalable and Multi PBX/VoIP Integrations.

Callegra.UC holds the unique position of being able to co-locate on a single database both traditional Legacy PBX’s and the VoIP voice files that utilize a different data format. Callegra.UC’s ability to simultaneously manage voice files for Users on a single system database in multiple formats allows all Users across the enterprise to enjoy the benefits of a single voicemail system regardless of the make or model of telephone system at their location.