CallWare Technologies acquires SoftTalk

CallWare becomes the first developer to offer a computer telephony platform, with messaging, IVR and call-control. CallWare Technologies Thursday announced its acquisition of SoftTalk Communications.

This acquisition creates the first complete computer telephony offering to encompass voice messaging, interactive voice response (IVR) and call control capabilities within a single product line. The CallWare family of products includes network-based messaging (voice mail) and IVR (computer-based call answering) products.

SoftTalk provides Phonetastic Pro and Phonetastic Network Edition call-management software that allows a caller’s information and related applications to appear on the PC of the person that was called at the same time the call is being received.
The acquisition of SoftTalk by CallWare will create a computer telephony company with over 500 resellers in North America and a market presence in 30 countries worldwide. This represents the largest hybrid CTI channel in the market, consisting of OEM partners, value added resellers (VARs), interconnects and systems integrators.

According to Alec Belfer, president of SoftTalk, “This merger successfully blends our cultures, products and shared beliefs in the huge potential of the computer telephony market. It delivers on the promise of CTI as a practical, affordable reality for individuals, workgroups and call centers and changes how business uses its phones and PCs. We are very pleased and excited to join CallWare in realizing our mutual vision for this market.”
R. Craig Hansen, chief executive officer, chairman, and founder of CallWare Technologies stated, “SoftTalk has created the most robust desktop call control solution available. Combined with CallWare’s recent acquisition of award-winning IVR technology, SoftTalk makes CallWare the first vendor to offer a complete solution for the channel. No longer will VARs need to get bits and pieces of CTI from different vendors — CallWare now offers a complete CTI platform.”

With a combination of SoftTalk and CallWare products, users can now have “intelligent call management” capabilities with network-based, packaged CTI products. Before the merger, these comprehensive capabilities were available only in customized solutions or through a combination of different manufacturers’ products. This combined offer simplifies the buying, implementation and use of CTI for companies wanting these capabilities.
For example, when a customer calls, the system recognizes CallerID information and immediately searches a master database, identifying the caller as a specific customer. The caller’s information “pops-up” on the user’s computer screen, displaying a complete account history of the caller, appearing at the same time the user receives the phone call.

A sound card can also be used to announce the names of callers while users are on the second (or even third) line speaking with someone else. Users can then send calls to other employees based on the importance of each call.

A leading-edge telecommunication company for three decades, Callware Technologies, Inc. develops voice and telephony enabled solutions. Known for its flagship Callegra.UC product, Callware provides voicemail, unified messaging, auto attendant, text to speech (TTS), voice recognition, and the ability to get access to voice and fax messages from the telephone, mobile client, desktop client, or the Internet. The product supports VoIP, SIP and other PBX integrations. Callware produces high security versions of its product, one of which is the Callegra.UC JITC product, created specifically for the United States Department of Defense (DoD). Callware’s products are installed in thousands of locations throughout the world. Callware Technologies corporate headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, Utah.