Callware and IBM Deliver $1 Million in Free Software to Y2K Voice-mail Shoppers

Callware Technologies, a leader in advanced voice messaging and computer telephony solutions, and IBM’s Netfinity ServerProven Group, today announced that they will launch a Year 2000 promotion entitled, “Y2K-Callegra-PLAY” where 50 companies will win up to $1 million in free Callegra software.

The “Y2K-Callegra-PLAY” promotion provides a unique opportunity for companies to win free software to replace their legacy voice-mail systems that are due for an upgrade. However, “Y2K-Callegra-PLAY” goes beyond delivering traditional voice-mail to the winners. Callegra will deliver “unified messaging” technology including robust auto attendant solutions, client software for visual voice-mail on the desktop, inbound faxing into voice mailboxes, outbound faxing from the desktop, voice-mail and fax integrated into e-mail applications, and Internet/Intranet messaging.

“We know there are many companies deciding right now whether to make the investment in a voice-mail upgrade or take a huge risk when crossing the millennial threshold. We hope this public gesture of goodwill will inspire companies to investigate the superb competitive advantages that Callegra offers them compared with other alternatives,” said John Saverino, Callware President and CEO.

Callware maintains the largest and most experienced channel of “certified” computer telephony integrators in the industry. Callware dealers bring unsurpassed expertise in their ability to deliver advanced computer telephony solutions to today’s business customers. The “Y2K-Callegra-PLAY” promotion will be managed through the Callware Authorized Dealer channel in the U.S. and Canada.

“Even if our local prospects don’t win free software, they will be excited to discover that Callegra delivers a stable voice-mail and fax solution that is compatible with their existing network management tool and increases their messaging capability,” said Doug Wheeler from Alliant Worldwide Technologies, a Callware Authorized Dealer in Atlanta.

The timing of this program is critical since research shows that up to 15 percent of companies will be upgrading their existing phone systems this year to meet Year 2000 standards. Launching this program will serve as a strong reminder and encourage businesses to investigate their voice messaging systems now, instead of waiting until it is too late.

“We believe the creative aspect of this program will help spark interest in educating the business community that unified messaging is the ‘new voice- mail standard’ and inspire companies to dig further into the benefits that can be derived from its implementation,” said Sandy Carter, Director of Netfinity Partners in Development.

Companies can participate by calling their local Callware dealer and requesting a “Y2K-Callegra-PLAY” ticket with no purchase required. By scratching the coating off a number of covered circles, companies will discover what free software they can register to win. The company registers basic contact information with a local Callware dealer to be officially entered into a drawing. Five winners will be selected weekly for ten consecutive weeks to total 50 winning companies. The first five winners will be drawn on March 10, 1999. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries; however, each ticket includes a software give-away, thereby increasing the chances of winning for participants.

“We believe that companies will jump at this opportunity. With its features and functionality, Callegra will enable even the smallest of companies to act and compete more like a Fortune 500 entity,” said Doug Wheeler of Alliant Worldwide Technologies.

Callegra is Year 2000 compliant voice messaging that has been tested as a member of the IBM Netfinity ServerProven program. Callegra is modular in design, scales from 4 to 96 ports and is competitively priced. Callegra supports Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT-based workstations and servers, NetWare 4.x, NetWare 5.x, Novell Directory Services, and every major PBX/KSU vendor.

Free software packages will include Callegra port upgrades, CallegraDESK client licenses, CallegraFAX channels, and a number of complete, 16-port Callegra unified messaging software systems.

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