CallWare Products Are Year 2000 Compliant

CallWare Technologies Inc., a leader in advanced voice mail and computer telephony solutions, today announced that all CallWare products are Year 2000 compliant. Unlike other players in the industry, CallWare has intentionally developed all products, from their inception, to meet Year 2000 compliance requirements.

“CallWare warrants fault-free performance in the processing of date and date-related data, including but not limited to calculating, comparing, and sequencing, by all products,” said Alec Belfer, CallWare executive vice president of engineering. “This fault-free performance is included in past and present shipping products, and CallWare will continue to deliver Y2K- compliant products to its current and future customers.”

“CallWare supports open standards, open platforms, and interoperability — and sees Y2K as part of that strategy,” said John C. Saverino, CallWare president and chief executive officer. “This provides us a tremendous competitive advantage and we welcome organizations who may be in need of correcting Y2K problems within their current messaging systems to look at CallWare and its cost-effective, advanced messaging solutions built to meet the needs of the future.”

While CallWare offers full support for dates into the 21st century, it cannot be responsible for limitations of the underlying operating system and hardware on which CallWare programs are running. These operating systems currently are Microsoft Windows (3.x, 95, NT) and Novell NetWare (3.x, 4.x). Because CallWare offers software-only products, operating system and hardware compliance issues should be directed to the respective manufacturer.

Relevant operating system Year 2000 compliance information can be found at:



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