Users to access voice mail from PC; CallWare to play back messages through speaker

Users to access voice mail from PC; An application to debut in May will let IS managers use a NetWare server to replace a company’s traditional voice mail system — and let users get into voice mail from their desktops.

CallWare, from International Voice Exchange Inc., will run on top of the Novell/AT&T Telephony NetWare Loadable Module (NLM), which is also set to ship this spring.

CallWare, which is accessible to PCs on the desktop through a Windows interface, will let users retrieve, save, forward, and delete messages. The initial version will play back messages through the phone’s speaker feature, but IVX is working on a version of CallWare that will use a PC’s soundboard, according to Craig Swett, IVX vice president of technology.

The first version of the software, set to enter beta testing, allows for the forwarding or printing of faxes, which are also received through CallWare. A text-to-voice module that will read users’ electronic mail is also in the works for a subsequent release, according to IVX.
A 10-user package, which includes the CallWare NLM and 10 Windows client interfaces, will be priced around $3,000 — much less than traditional voice mail systems. However, users must also dedicate a server, run the Novell/AT&T NLM, purchase a card and cabling to connect to a PBX, and have a VAR initially set up the system.

A feature that identifies the caller will also be in the first release of the product, if the phone service includes caller identification.
Versions of CallWare for OS/2, DOS, and Macintosh platforms are also in development, Swett said.
In addition to the NLM and client software, a CallWare AppWare Loadable Module (ALM) will help developers build custom applications.essages through speaker

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