CallWare Technologies introduces development kit for its voice and call processing software.

Customization allows developers to capture vertical markets

CallWare Technologies Inc., a leading provider of Intranet-enabled computer telephone integration (CTI) solutions, Tuesday announced the introduction of the CallWare Software Development Kit (SDK).

The SDK is a development tool for system integrators, VARs and MIS managers that is designed to allow advanced customization of CallWare voice and call processing solutions.

This tool represents an important step in CallWare’s commitment to its resellers and end-users because it allows resellers to tailor the CallWare solution to fit specific customer needs and assist in the easy migration from an outdated voice mail system to a powerful Intranet-enabled computer telephony solution.

“The kit provides developers with the tools, source codes, scripting, and documentation they need to customize the CTI solution for specific operational needs,” said R. Craig Hansen, chairman and CEO of CallWare. “CallWare’s SDK opens new ways to integrate Intranet-enabled CTI solutions with customer-specific applications. The SDK furthers CallWare’s commitment to make Intranet-enabled CTI solutions an integral part of every business environment.”

According to Dario Gnaccarini, CTI product manager at CDH Srl. — CallWare’s distributor in Italy — the SDK has proved to be a valuable tool for development. “Companies can dictate their own features, options, prompts and interfaces for their voice messaging system. With the SDK, CallWare can accommodate almost any function a company needs.”

Programmers can customize voice scripts and prompts and provide detailed reporting. They can even change the graphical user interface of the visual messaging application. Any part of the telephone interface can be customized using the SDK, including notifications (pager, wake-up call, etc.), call switching behavior, and fax-on-demand.

CallWare can also mimic the key press mapping and prompts of other systems, eliminating the need to train in-house users or clients how to use a new voice messaging system. This development tool allows any part of the CallWare system to be altered or expanded to meet the specific needs of any company.

CallWare supports its developers and resellers directly through a network of regional managers and 25 training centers.

A leading-edge telecommunication company for three decades, Callware Technologies, Inc. develops voice and telephony enabled solutions. Known for its flagship Callegra.UC product, Callware provides voicemail, unified messaging, auto attendant, text to speech (TTS), voice recognition, and the ability to get access to voice and fax messages from the telephone, mobile client, desktop client, or the Internet. The product supports VoIP, SIP and other PBX integrations. Callware produces high security versions of its product, one of which is the Callegra.UC JITC product, created specifically for the United States Department of Defense (DoD). Callware’s products are installed in thousands of locations throughout the world. Callware Technologies corporate headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, Utah.