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Callware Technologies provides Callegra.UC, which is a complete unified communication and messaging (UCM) solution, offering a powerful voicemail and auto attendant solution that easily expands to include other unified messaging advantages, such as integrated speech recognition, fax services, browser-based voice and fax messaging, and email integration including text to speech.

Callware Technologies provides a number of product innovations specifically for large and very large-scale deployments:

Callegra.UC our premier voicemail, auto attendant, and unified communication solution:

  • Offers a legacy replacement solution that can take the place of existing voicemail/auto attendants, such as Octel, Nortel Meridian Mail, Nortel CallPilot, Intuity Audix, and Centigram, bringing your system up-to-date while leveraging investment in existing switches and handsets.
  • Offers a direct IPv4 and  SIP integration to all SIP-enabled VoIP switches.
  • Unifies your organization, bringing together multiple physical locations and diverse telephone equipment, transparently acting as one voicemail and unified messaging system – helping diverse systems, such as Avaya, Cisco, Lucent, Nortel, Siemens, and many more, work in unison.
  • Provides a cost-effective transition path from legacy PBX systems to VoIP/SIP-enabled systems without requiring phone switches and equipment hardware upgrades.
  • Offers extra security features for implementations where confidentiality and high security is a requirement, such as those needed for banking, healthcare, and government.
  • Permits user friendly administration through CallegraADMIN for the visual management, maintenance, and updating of the Callegra.UC system.
Callegra.UC Add-ons:
CallegraINBOX for Microsoft Outlook to unify your email, voicemail, and fax. CallegraWEB providing access to your voicemail anywhere in the world.
CallegraFAX bringing the receiving and sending of faxes to your unified inbox. CallegraTTS (Text to Speech) Text to Speech capabilities for your unified inbox.
CallegraVOICE adding voice recognition capabilities to your auto attendant. CallegraINBOX for Novell GroupWise to unify your email, voicemail, and fax.
CallegraCOMMUNITY for very large scale implementations. Callegra.UC Web Services SDK for development of custom implementations and solutions.
CallegraRECOVERY enabling disaster recovery and fault tolerance through replication on or offsite. CallegraPORTAL for lightweight access to your voicemail and faxes through Microsoft Outlook.