What’s New for Callegra.UC 1.13

Callware Technologies announces specifics about what is new in the Callegra.UC 1.13 product release.

  • Now supporting Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP Professional. Callegra.UC runs on Windows 2000, 2003 Server and Windows XP Professional offering the network integration and familiar administration system administrators need to keep everything running smoothly.
  • New CallegraINBOX for Microsoft Exchange 2000 and 2003. The all-new CallegraINBOX for Microsoft Outlook leverages the XML Web Service capabilities of Microsoft Outlook 2000, XP, and 2003.  CallegraINBOX uses Callegra XML Web Services to create a rich client integration with new technology.  With full self-administration available; notification routines, mailbox setup, message retention periods and more are easy and intuitive for power users to optimize.  Sending voice or fax messages directly as email makes communication inside or outside the voicemail system easy, and employees more responsive.
  • New CallegraINBOX for Novell GroupWise 6.5 and 7.0. The new CallegraINBOX for Novell GroupWise 6.5 and 7.0 adds voice and fax message control to the Novell GroupWise Client. With CallegraINBOX for Novell GroupWise, users can manage many of their own mailbox settings, using the Callegra Options menu within Novell GroupWise.
  • Internet and Email Ready CallegraFAX Print Driver. Completely redesigned CallegraFAX Print Drivers allow Callegra Client users to send faxes directly from their computer, bypassing the line at the fax machine.  With CallegraFAX the quality and legibility of the transmitted document is greatly improved.   Additionally, a digital copy of the transmitted document is retained in the senders log files with the transmission status, time and date, with easy resend capabilities.  The Callegra.UC Fax Print Driver uses the Microsoft Outlook Contacts Address Book for easy faxing and can connect to other LDAP enabled Address Books as needed.  CallegraFAX Print Drivers also allow the sender to transmit fax documents to email addresses as well as fax numbers.  Sending a fax by email creates a document that cannot be modified using a normal text editor, but can be viewed with standard image viewers provided on all Microsoft Windows systems.
  • New Brooktrout Fax Boards Supported. Callegra.UC now supports the TR1034 Fax Boards from Brooktrout. The TR1034 analog fax boards are available from 2-8 ports with the ability to use more than one fax board to support up to 24 channels of CallegraFAX. Also supported is the TR1034 T1 fax board. This is a fractional T1 fax board that is configurable from 4 to 24 CallegraFAX Channels.
  • New Media Controls for Callegra Clients. Internet enabled media controls allow Callegra Client users to select telephone or multimedia for message playback or recording.  CallegraWEB and CallegraINBOX users to choose the best suited to their current environment and computer capabilities.  Additionally, the controls are designed for easy use over both LAN and remote network connections.
  • Updated CallegraWEB. CallegraWEB has been completely redesigned for Callegra.UC.  A new cleaner and more intuitive interface makes organizing and managing messages even quicker and easier, plus it controls the message waiting light at your desk.  Access to deleted and saved messages, as well as sent faxes uses familiar folder support.  CallegraWEB Preferences now includes the ability to create and manage notification settings, greetings, message retention parameters, distribution lists and much more.
  • Enhanced CallegraTTS. CallegraTTS for email by phone has new voices and can now reply to emails with attached voice messages.  CallegraTTS enables mailbox users to listen to, save, delete, or reply to email messages for complete out of office control of email over the telephone.  The new TTS voices, powered by SpeechWorks and available through Callegra TTS ADVANCED, are even more natural sounding thanks to the next generation of TTS engines.
  • Improved Fax and Voice Message Broadcasting. Callegra.UC offers a new schedule based broadcasting capability, which allows faxes to be sent to multiple recipients based on time of day and day of week.  Additionally, this same broadcasting engine can be leveraged to send voice message to multiple external phone numbers as well.
  • New CallegraADMIN for MMC. Offering remote box administration, CallegraADMIN installs as a snap-in to Microsoft Management Console (MMC).  With CallegraADMIN, system administrators can set up and populate initial systems, manage moves, adds, and changes, create system logs, establish mailbox user rights and services for both telephone and client access and much more.  Additionally, importing professionally recorded greetings or administering individual mailbox speed dial settings can also be accomplished from CallegraADMIN.
  • Secure Internet Access. Callegra Client Services now supports secure internet access (HTTPS).  System administrators can extend full Callegra Client benefits outside the corporate firewall for remote or mobile employees while maintaining client access security.
  • New Callegra XML Web Services SDK. Callware’s flag-ship Callegra Unified Communications & Messaging technology is now available via XML Web Services to the business developer community through the Callegra.UC Web Services SDK.  The SDK is available to system integrators and solution providers desiring integrate voice and fax services with web service enabled applications.  Access to developer support is available at the Callegra developer website. Unique to the Callegra.UC SDK, systems can be optimized via XML integrations to each environment within an enterprise.  For instance, Callegra Clients can be integrated to one groupware package at the Main Office, and a completely different application in the call center to provide optimum voice and fax messaging convergence for each distinct user group.
  • Networking Capabilities. Offering the first XML based networking for unified communications and messaging, Callegra.UC supports multiple site network configurations.  This allows multi-site businesses to enjoy an enterprise wide communications and messaging system, independent of the PBX or telephone system at each local office.  Additionally, for very large installations, multiple high-density servers can be installed locally to provide massive scalability offering hundreds of system ports.
  • Scalability. Using Microsoft SQL Server, Callegra.UC can support up to 1,000,000 users and efficient voice processing engines can offer up to 144 voice mail ports in a single server.  The networking capabilities of Callegra.UC offers the ability to serve very large multiple node installations for hundreds of ports of voice access.  At the same time, the voice and fax engines that make up Callegra.UC, continue to offer reliable small system capabilities for small to medium companies looking for voicemail with a future and unified communications and messaging.
  • Updated System Architecture (XML N-Tier Object Oriented Distributed Architecture). Callegra.UC leverages a new system architecture which improves the efficiency and scalability of Callegra systems.  Additionally, the new architecture is more stable and robust than many older designs, and is designed to take advantage of future developments in XML and other new communication technologies.
  • New Database Support (Microsoft SQL Server). New system capabilities are offered using Microsoft SQL Server.  The runtime (MSDE) version that ships with Callegra.UC can be easily upgraded to a full version for very large systems when necessary.  Additionally the system logging capabilities of the database allow for complex and thorough reports to be developed using industry standard reporting tools to optimize Callegra.UC systems.
  • System Management through Windows 2000 and 2003. The Windows 2000 and 2003 Server management tools allow system administrators to monitor system health and storage space.  By leveraging the Windows infrastructure, Callegra.UC can offer easy, low-maintenance operation, but also offer forward looking alerts if disk space gets below set levels, allowing the system to be attended to proactively.
  • Enhanced Telephony Integration Service. Callegra.UC now supports Voice over IP (VOIP) and other new technologies as they become accepted in the industry.

A leading-edge telecommunication company for three decades, Callware Technologies, Inc. develops voice and telephony enabled solutions. Known for its flagship Callegra.UC product, Callware provides voicemail, unified messaging, auto attendant, text to speech (TTS), voice recognition, and the ability to get access to voice and fax messages from the telephone, mobile client, desktop client, or the Internet. The product supports VoIP, SIP and other PBX integrations. Callware produces high security versions of its product, one of which is the Callegra.UC JITC product, created specifically for the United States Department of Defense (DoD). Callware’s products are installed in thousands of locations throughout the world. Callware Technologies corporate headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, Utah.